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Leaking Shower Repairs across Melbourne, Sydney And All Australia

Our team are geeks at bath sealing and shower sealing and balcony waterproofing, which are common problems around Australia. From Melbourne to Sydney to the Gold Coast and Perth, we’re everywhere across the country helping you get the bathroom you want!

Sealing cracks wherever they are

If you are on our site right now, it is likely you are suffering from at least one of the many unsightly and potentially costly effects of one of these conditions!

Mouldy grout, peeling silicon, gaps between the tiles are just a few of the signs that are telling you to BOOK US NOW!

But the good news is shower sealing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Leaking shower repairs can be quick, easy and – above all – affordable!

It’s time to revitalise your shower or bathroom or balcony with the team that are licenced trained experts in fixing shower bases, baths  and bathroom floors. Whether you need balcony waterproofing in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or anywhere in between, we can help.

*In Qld Jobs Under $3300 Only as advised by the QBSA

tick 1 It is totally unnecessary to remove the tiles when membranes are failing.

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